Emissaries of the sea

It was 10 pm. All her make-up was done. She was just adding the final touch-ups. A little mascara to the corner of her left eyelash. A final brushing of her long, jet black hair. Her ‘aachal’ was draped gracefully on her left arm. Her perfect curves were accentuated by the sari. She took her […]

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The converging point

“I love you,” he said. He pushed her hair behind her ears. “These curls of yours will forever be in our way, beautiful,” he breathed in and out heavily, making sensual noises. She sat, her eyes half-closed in anticipation. All this was new to her. Her lips trembled. She could feel her piloerection and the […]

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Sobs could be heard. And more sobs. It was nothing but crying for two whole minutes. He didn’t interrupt. Even he was crying…but silently. After two minutes she finally found her broken voice and said, “I am ending this relationship. It’s over,” and disconnected the call. As soon as she disconnected the call, she threw the […]

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And therein it lay

His eyes were hollows of darkness sunk into black holes. Dirt was smeared on his forehead, on his hands, on every exposed portion of his body. His hair was ruffled as if it hadn’t been combed in many days. His body had a strange odour to it. He was looking hungrily at a sweetshop. The […]

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That which is left

Dry. It was so dry. No water anywhere, in any form. It was dry and burning hot. No visibility of life anywhere. The mountains stood tall and dry. The whole Earth was devoid of all colours except brown. The sun was white, the sky was white. It had been like this for a long, long […]

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reality unrealized

It was a dark and stormy night. The waves of the river swirled around. It was complete darkness all around. There was an island in the middle of the river where all the people of the village had gathered to protect themselves from the flood. Their homes were destroyed in the flood. All the years […]

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  Welcome to India! A very diverse country. A country where there are separate seats for ladies in the bus. A country where Laxmibais are born. A country where 0 was invented. A country where the concept of plastic surgery was pioneered. And of course. A country where rapists go scot-free. 16th December, 2012. A […]

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