Presenting to you, “Two Big Men and a Small Frightened Child”


Two big men, with eyes gone wild.
Cowering in fright was one small child.
“Shall we?” he asked. “Why not?” he replied.
“Please don’t,” she whispered, a small frightened child.
Two pairs of eyes, filled with lust.
Two tiny legs, covered in blood.
Two pairs of legs, walking away.
Two tearful eyes, meant to stay.
Two psychopaths, having the same twisted brain.
A small stomach, aching with unendurable pain.
Two adult libidos, satisfied for the night.
A tiny mind, scarred for life.
Two dicks, searching for their next prey.
A tear-stained heart, viewing the world in grey.
Two big men, walking away with libidos satisfied.
Remained behind were the remains of a once-small child.


13 thoughts on “Remains

  1. A poem which speaks the length of a novel. Couldn’t be prouder.
    And it’s so so sad, to realise that the melting of ice bergs wouldn’t be the reason for the apocalypse… we ll ourselves put an end to our civilisation.

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