There are three sections in society.
Some are born with rights
Some are born with penises
And the rest are born girls.
Girls definitely have a lot of use
How else would a person abuse?
Behnchod, motherfucker, would be out of existence
Since from the side of society there is no resistance
To the usage of such words.
Marital rape is just fine
It’s not out of line
The holy law supports it.
SC refused a claim to make it a criminal offence
So all the men out there, please do commence
Raping your wives. And if you ain’t happy
There are girls on the streets as well
Don’t be scared, no one will tell
You to stop. They’re too busy shooting videos
And posting them on Facebook, sharing them on WhatsApp
With hypocritical messages like:
“Why don’t people stop such crap?”
A boy being a feminist is seen as a shame
“Oh my god, you’re such a pussy.
This is the cheapest way to fame.”
There is so much wrong happening all around
And people blindly supporting it
Nirbhaya, long forgotten
Another poor wife, beaten.
It’s cool when it’s called B.D.S.M.
The hypocrisy of society has never failed to surprise me, yet.
Society still hasn’t recognised men getting raped
“It is unmanly,” they said.
Girls are getting off scot-free despite a false rape accusation
Where then, is the concept of feminism?
I just hope there are enough sane minds
To recognise the faults.
Feminists don’t hate men, they hate patriarchy
And they do not want to substitute it with matriarchy
Equality’s the word.
Girls are just as strong, boys are just as weak.


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