The little girl stood on the footpath. Lip quivering and a tear-stained heart. 9 years into this world and through a blur, For the first time she saw it in a vivid range of colour. Her legs were stained with red. No. It wasn’t period blood. Black under her eyes. No. It wasn’t the kajal […]

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Men. There you go again. Raping another girl. Shouting on your mother. Asserting your self-claimed superiority. Well if you are truly superior, there’s no need to prove it again and again. Why do you suffer from so much insecurity? Women. The biggest hypocrites of today’s nation. Shouting when a man hits you, laughing when a […]

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[DISCLAIMER: THIS POST CONTAINS OCCASIONAL USE OF STRONG LANGUAGE.] There are three sections in society. Some are born with rights Some are born with penises And the rest are born girls. Girls definitely have a lot of use How else would a person abuse? Behnchod, motherfucker, would be out of existence Since from the side […]

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