Sobs could be heard.

And more sobs.

It was nothing but crying for two whole minutes. He didn’t interrupt. Even he was crying…but silently. After two minutes she finally found her broken voice and said, “I am ending this relationship. It’s over,” and disconnected the call.

As soon as she disconnected the call, she threw the phone away. It was the 2nd of February, 9:45pm. 15 months back, at this time she had got committed. Everything was going fine. Well, almost fine. She ran up to the terrace. It was dark. No sounds could be heard from anywhere. She went to a corner. It was in complete darkness. She started crying. Crying very loudly. Crying her heart out.

It was all so perfect. They were at the zenith of their relationship. And suddenly…suddenly it all ended. It was funny how five words or even two for that matter could change two lives entirely…could destroy two lives in an instant. Two lives which were once…one.

I lost him…I…I did something so incredibly stupid. How could I? No..no this is just not happening.

A shooting star flew past the sky in front of her, lighting up the entire dark sky. It seemed to light up her mind too. She suddenly had a thought. She wiped her eyes and stood on the edge of the terrace, with her eyes closed feeling the light breeze kiss her face. She stretched her arms out in both directions embracing the cold cover of the night.

It is not I who lost him.

He lost me.


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