Welcome to India!

A very diverse country.

A country where there are separate seats for ladies in the bus.

A country where Laxmibais are born.

A country where 0 was invented.

A country where the concept of plastic surgery was pioneered.

And of course.

A country where rapists go scot-free.

16th December, 2012. A 23 year old girl was brutally raped by six people. She was also injured badly by a sharp, heavy rod. Her companion was beaten up and gagged. And after raping her, as if that wasn’t enough, they threw her and her companion out of the moving bus and the bus driver allegedly tried to drive over them. The girl died on 29th December in Singapore out of terrible injuries inflicted on her by the rapists. And all this happened in India’s capital city, Delhi.

Out of those six people who raped her, one was a ‘juvenile’. And since he was a juvenile, he is to walk away free today as per the verdict given by Delhi High Court.

He is old enough to rape. He is old enough to gag people and throw them out of moving buses. He is old enough to inflict harm. But he isn’t old enough to be killed. He was, in fact, shifted to a secret place so that he remains safe.

This is the Indian definition of justice.

This is the way rapists are treated in India.

This is being Nirbhaya.

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