She was sitting at the windowsill. It was raining. Raindrops were falling on the windowsill; pitter-patter, pitter-patter. Drops were falling from her eyes also. She was staring at a shop across the road. A couple stood under its overhanging roof, waiting for the rain to go. Even we used to stand like that. He with his strong frame in front, protecting me from the elements, even if he himself got wet. The couple across the road had their arms around each other’s waist, and were smiling at each other. There were not many cars on the road but the few that passed in the rain made her think. Even we drove through the streets in the rain. With the windows up, the AC on and he singing. Even we enjoyed. Slowly, the intensity of the rain was decreasing. She was sitting by the window all through. Even we went to so many places together. Even we enjoyed early morning walks and late night drives. Even we had our ups and downs. Even we….even we. You were there for me ever since my birth. Why did you leave before my death? This world seems empty without you. The days are long and the nights are longer. Even the sunshine feels cold. You were my first love. I love you.

The rain had finally stopped. She wiped her tears and washed her face. Then she went and stood in front of a picture on the wall.

I miss you, Dad. I do miss you.

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